Broomhall Hutt Hot Rock Menu

Cooking on a Black Rock Grill is not only fun, it is a healthier way of cooking because it doesn’t use fats or oils and the food is cooked at a high temperature on a volcanic rock which itself has been heated to 440 degrees. Meaning that you can cook your meat to your liking when enjoying good company.

Available Friday & Saturday 5.30pm - 9.30pm

Choose your meat ...

  • 8oz Flat Iron Steak ... £22.95
  • 8oz Rump Steak .... £21.95
  • 8oz Fillet Steak .... £29.95
  • English Lamb Fillet .... £18.95
  • Free Range Breast of Chicken .... £15.95

Our steaks are all 28 day aged and reared in the West Country.
All meats are served with a selection of dips

Now choose your sides ...

Chunky Chips or Parmentier Potatoes and Dressed Salad or Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables

Would you like to add a sauce?

Peppercorn £2.00 Blue Cheese £2.00

Cook your meat exactly as you like it and enjoy.

Caution - don’t touch the Rock - 440 degrees

We are happy to provide you with allergen guidelines for all menu items. As our food is prepared and freshly cooked to order in our busy kitchen, there may be a risk that traces of allergens and gluten can be found in any dish.

Please ask any of our staff if you want more information.